Business Vertical – TV

While in the hotel or on a cruise ship, MCISoft has partnered with Samsung TV’s to provide all the information you need to make an informed choice about your next destination.
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While the travelers are at their destination, they no longer need to consult a guidebook provided by the hotel to find out what is happening. All of our POI’s are location based, so you can find all the relevant attractions nearby with just a few clicks on the remote. Create partnerships with those businesses around your hotel to offer the most comprehensive package of events and attractions as an added value to your guests, and with more than 300 categories of entertainment to choose from, you can be your own concierge!

MCISoft has the ability to provide over-the-top content (OTT) where delivery of information is done seamlessly through home theatres and Smart TV’s. It is estimated that demand for more content over internet-connectable devices will climb to nearly 350 million units sold around the world by 2015. Our application development in concert with Spl&t Interactive TV was created in order to extend the experience beyond smart TV’s, as we have the ability to reach all types of platforms and devices. Whether you are searching for events with our eventseeker product, or multi-media videos, travel content and social media — it’s all here, optimally placed on your television screen.