The World in Your Handheld

Image Using CSS Float Left and PaddingWouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop service for all of your travel plans? Well we think that you shouldn’t have to stop at all. The days of cramming a bulky “Introduction to Brazil” travel guide into your suitcase are coming to an end. MCISoft brings all of its comprehensive travel content directly to mobile phones, personal navigation devices and/or telematic systems (car navigation). Having a itinerary planned before taking a trip can be useful, however the ability to access pertinent travel information at all times can lift the travel experience to a whole new level of possibility.


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All of our points of interest are geo-coded according to their precise coordinates, allowing the destination to be pinpointed accurately on a map. Combine this with devices that are location based and all of our data becomes available on-the-go. Never again will you have to exit the airport without knowing exactly how to get to the hotel, or guessing where you should go for a quick bite to eat.