Business Vertical – In-Flight Entertainment

MCISoft also provides travel content while you are in transit. While on-board, you will never have a lack of choice when you need to find what you need.
Image Using CSS Float Left and PaddingThe first endeavor towards providing entertainment in the air was aboard a dirigible, this service included a live band and a piano room. Today, all of this entertainment can be had from the comfort of your seat. From audio and video, to multi-language capabilities that can help you find that next entertainment venue, now you can prepare yourself before the trip starts and the plane lands.

Not only does In-flight Entertainment include audio, video, games, radio and other infotainment, in recent years, in-flight connectivity has become a driving force in the airline industry to provide social networking while on-board. And aside from the wonderfully informative travel content that MCISoft provides, we can also offer social tags such as Facebook and Twitter to stay connected while in the air. Whether you are searching for events with our eventseeker product, or multi-media videos, travel content, and social media β€” it’s all here, optimally placed on a screen a foot away from the your seat.

For airlines that add city guides, POI information and constantly updated event calendar with the ability to book tickets from 35,000 feet, this only serves to retain your clients. As most revenue is driven online, this added value content only serves to drive more ancillary revenue. Now, guests can obtain detail-rich travel content based on destination, category and date for more than 500 cities around the world.

We have several ways of implementation, from XML feeds to our versatile API, MCISoft provides industry standard REST-ful API with XML, JSON, JSONP. GeoRSS and GeoJSON support for its content products (Venues, Events and Movies). The API is highly scalable to meet millions of hits from Web, Mobile and Embedded devices. Encourage your users to add content via MCISoft Network through our extensive UGC API.

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Points of Interest

Image Using CSS Float Left and PaddingAs the foundation of our city guides, we provide more than 350,000 listings or points of interest (POI) around the world. Points of interest are organized into major categories, such as restaurants, attractions, hotels, nightlife, shopping, etc., and then further into sub-categories based on more specific elements, like type of cuisine or city neighborhood. In total, our listings fall under one or more of over 220 unique categories.
  • Short Description
  • Email Contact Link
  • Address
  • Long Description
  • Neighborhood
  • Images
  • Transit information
  • Web URL
  • Phone Number
  • Opening Hours
  • Fax Number
  • Credit Cards Accepted
  • Location Based Services (geo-coding)
  • Admission Price or Average Price of Meal