Business Vertical – Digital Signage

MCISoft can provide content anywhere to target the right audience. Our content can be easily implemented on digital signs to get the information you need when you are on the go.
Image Using CSS Float Left and PaddingDigital signage can offer time sensitive information to the right audience at the right time, thereby allowing a fully interactive environment that adds value to your business or organization. These signs are ubiquitous and the information that these signs provide have become an invaluable service to customers and clients alike. From kiosks and airports to retail stores and other private spaces, the ability to deliver a targeted message or obtain interactive information has arrived. MCISoft can easily integrate dynamic content to these kiosks and signs, thereby providing another benefit for the end user.

MCISoft content can be formatted to fit your sign and many of the signage hardware are touch-screens, so this allows for the ultimate in interactivity. We can also create customized content and we offer real-time solutions which are highly scalable in order to reach an even larger audience than the one you may already have.