Customized Content Solutions

  • We offer a completely customizable CMS (client management system) complete with end user categories which gives clients the ability to maintain their own listings.
  • The CMS has user-defined roles like super-administrator, administrator, managers and read-only level access.
  • All data can be re-classified into new categories which will be updated and maintained by us.
  • The ability to create, update, delete, edit POI’s (points of interest).

Clients can also choose relevant POI’s in order to create a customized doc in PDF format. Currently, we have fixed templates; however, we also have the ability to create other templates that fit your marketing needs, i.e., Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other theme.

  • We can create both walking and driving routes by selecting multiple POI’s along the way and print them in PDF.
  • Front end website which will be updated immediately and controlled by client (for example, a hotel may wait for a week, and then we provide XMLs).
  • Mobile App listing which will be controlled by clients.
  • MCISoft will send an instructional sheet for using the Content Management Tool and passwords for user accounts.
  • Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can also be implemented.