Business Vertical – Automotive Industry

MCISoft provides the best travel content combined with best location based services from your car’s console where our content will you direct to the perfect destination.
Image Using CSS Float Left and PaddingConsumer demand for connectivity to seamlessly integrate their entertainment options in the car has increased exponentially over the past few years. It is projected that there will be more than 35 million IVI systems deployed in vehicles by 2015. Our content for users gives access to detailed content and specific scenes, e.g., attractions, event agendas, ticket booking, announcements, user preferences, tour maps and recommendations. For our clients, we provide flexible and easy customization of content-centric services, different means for publishing and presenting content, alongside the integration of different service platforms. MCISoft also has partnered with the GENIVI Alliance and the NG Connect consortiums, which are composed of many like-minded organizations committed to the implementation of faster communications networks and services within “connected cars”.

Connected Guides

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Our city, event and movie guides are the perfect way to obtain a comprehensive overview of your next travel destination. And within connected cars, access to your next destination only becomes easier. Our guides are filled with historical information, anecdotes, cultural niceties and POI descriptions which make these guides an invaluable piece of the puzzle when navigating more a city for entertainment, food and fun.

Concerts, plays, art exhibits, local bands, sporting events, now we’re talking. And now combined with our artist database, finding information on any artist or event at any time is at your fingertips. Whether you are a local resident, impromptu traveler or fastidious travel planner, knowing about events happening near you is essential. Our up-to-date, worldwide event coverage guarantees that travelers don’t have to spend an evening scrambling to some far-away venue or settling for a less than-stellar evening.